Jill Chambers

Jill Chambers | founder

Hi! My name is Jill Chambers and I’m the founder and director of TMF. 

Trying to explain the background of my brand is always tricky within a short few paragraphs because it’s been such a long journey!

I had severe acneaic skin as a teenager and was placed by skin doctors on pharmaceuticals with multiple side effects for years. This traumatic experience led me into my very early foray into makeup and my discoveries into what’s actually in makeup since the early 90’s. 

When I was a teenager, the brands I could choose from were laden with cheap fillers and multiple toxic chemicals. They inflamed my skin even more, clogged it and made it so much worse. 

I was constantly trying to find a way to cover my skin without anyone actually noticing that I was wearing makeup. Every night after School I would experiment. This started my lifelong love and journey into ‘breathable skin’. I believe foundation should not be seen. A sign of a great foundation and complexion product is when you can’t actually tell someone is wearing it. Something I will never ever get tired of hearing from our Customers is ‘I love the fact that I don’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation’. That is THE best compliment ever!

The strong artistic references throughout the brand are due to my love/obsession with Fine Art since I was little. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts with major’s in Painting and Fashion Design. My deep love of art is actually what led me into a passionate 15 year career in makeup artistry for Global brands where I became a lead Artist and Business Executive for companies such as Mecca Cosmetica, Jurlique International, Bobbi Brown, Napoleon Perdis and Lancome. I also had amazing opportunities to work with so many talented Artists such as Rae Morris and Rebecca Morrice-Williams (BECCA Cosmetics Founder). Assisting Rebecca for Dolly Magazine was actually my very first makeup job straight out of makeup school.

Before conceptualising TMF in 2013, I literally searched high and low for an Australian botanical clean brand with pro Artist quality products that I could recommend to my Customers.

Throughout the mid 2000’s I asked (actually begged haha) some of the Companies I worked for many times to develop a clean makeup line. They said it was unviable and that they couldn't see any Customer demand. In a nutshell, they said that no one cared about clean beauty.

I obviously strongly disagreed, so in early 2013 I started developing my idea for TMF. purely.....selfishly really.....to fill a need as a working Artist and for myself to use. I wanted a brand that was utilising Australian botanicals, clean, non toxic, high pigment and easy for Customers to replicate themselves at home.  Plus, of course…..vegan and cruelty free. There was no reason at all for any company to be testing on animals and this is something I have actively voiced and championed throughout my 20+ year Beauty career.

I launched the Brand with five basic products in mid 2015 and obtained many Independent Stockists within Australia and then North America. Simple, Australian, vegan, clean, good for the skin, high pigment products at an affordable price point.  

In 2019, I decided the Brand needed shade extensions and a packaging tweak. Previously the brand was black and white, but many clean and vegan brands were starting to look the same on the shelves. So we decided to evolve the brand to bold coloured packaging and increased the skin shades to suit most skin tones with 12 shades. We now have 12 100% clean products and 60 shades.

Every product is handmade in our Australian lab from pure botanical plant oils and waxes. The ingredient listings are 100% non toxic for the skin and the environment.  The preservative system is also 100% clean and natural.

I hope you enjoy using our products and thankyou for choosing clean beauty and supporting TMF. 

This brand is not just a makeup brand, it’s a vehicle for industry change.

Love and abundance,

Jill x


our mission

our mission is to bring you the freshest, botanical-infused colour with high-impact pigments, which are always clean, vegan and cruelty-free.

our promise

we’re cultivating more than beauty, tmf. Is more both reinvention of our past, beloved formulations and a return to beauty in it’s purest form. our commitment to providing transparency and authenticity is always our top priority.

our message

we are true in our ingredients and unwavering in our brand philosophy and commitment to clean cosmetics.

as an artist-driven brand, we trust makeup to be an expressive art and tmf. to be the tools.

we believe in freedom from the static of normalcy and respect for everyone’s right to express an individuality that starts from within.