frequently asked question

1. why the re brand / re launch?

When we launched in mid 2015 the beauty landscape was a WHOLE lot different - clean and vegan beauty was so new it was pretty much unheard of. We've been in the beauty industry as artists and exec's collectively as a team for over 40 years. We've literally seen it all. The same trends come in and out year in and year out. What we have always delivered to our customers - from the very start... is fresh, vegan, artist made beauty. Both fashions forward and good for your skin. The transition from 'The Makeup Factory' to 'True.Makeup.Freedom' was a necessary one - we believe in inclusive clean beauty for all (any race, age or religion) with an affordable price point and the best skin loving ingredients. We make each batch completely fresh and have our own lab in Australia. We work constantly on our formulas to stay ahead of the industry as leaders in clean beauty and artistry.

2. past ingredients

As more research has become available over the last few years, we have continued to evolve and improve our formulas. In 2017 and 2018 there were a lot of negative talks about synthetic preservatives - so we removed these ingredients in our products. More recently negative talk has started to appear about phenoxyethanol - an anti-bacterial preservative used for many years to protect bacterial growth in liquid formulations. Rest assure, none of our product lines have phenoxyethanol; instead we use an alternative natural preservative system - sodium anisate and sodium levulinate derived from corn and fennel to protect our products and preserve their shelf life.

3. how long can I keep products?

We advise as with any beauty products to use & discard after opening within 12 months. If unopened and exposed to air, there is a 24-month shelf life.

4. are your products vegan and clean?

Yes, 100%. Every ingredient is specially selected and are non-animal derived and clean..

5. what's so different about TMF?

We were the first artist-made, vegan-makeup brand in Australia, and one of the first clean beauty brands globally... we are also a team of pro-artists driven by our passion to make the best beauty products in the industry. With 20+ years of experiences, our founder, Jill Chambers is dedicated to bringing you the best vegan, clean make-up products in the industry.

6. why is international shipping more costly for the southern hemisphere when you’re an Australian brand?

We are 100% an Australian made and owned company and we have chosen to base our global warehouse in the USA to service all international markets easily from one location.