1.what's the difference between vegan + clean?

we believe in inclusive clean beauty for all (any race, age or religion) with an affordable price point and the best skin loving ingredients. we believe in non toxic natural beauty + have championed clean beauty for over a decade.

the main difference between vegan / cruelty free + clean is this:

the definition of vegan / cruelty free is no animal testing + non animal derived ingredients.

clean cosmetics go a HUGE step further. clean is defined as also 100% natural, free from synthetics, phthalates, PEG's, all toxic ingredients and only 100% natural preservative systems. clean beauty is 100% non toxic, 100% good for your skin + your internal system.

we list all of our ingredients on the back of our products + underneath each product description here on the site for easy ingredient checking.

our product's are made from the cleanest Australian ingredients. Australian botanicals are known to be amongst the cleanest on the planet.

2. are your products 100% Australian?

absolutely 1000% Australian. every product is manufactured fresh in our Australian lab and every facet of the product - from printing, to exterior box manufacturing to label printing is done in Australia using Australian companies. Is it more expensive? yes! massively!!! we could cut our manufacturing costs by more than half if we chose to manufacture offshore.....but the cost is not important to us. we have a strong ethical responsibility as a brand to manufacture in Australia in order to support Australian jobs and businesses.  


3. our preservative systems:

as more research has become available over the last few years, we have changed + evolved our formula's to respond quickly. we use an alternative natural preservative system of sodium anisate and sodium levulinate derived from corn and fennel to protect each of our products and preserve their shelf life effectively.


4. how long can I keep products?

we advise as with any beauty products to use & discard after opening within 12 months. if unopened and exposed to air, there is a 24-month shelf life.

5. where do you ship my products from?

as mentioned, we are a 100% Australian made and owned company and we have two warehouses - one in Australia + one in the USA. dependent on where you live in the World, we ship from the closest warehouse to you using the best shipping rates.


6. what's so different about TMF?

we were the first artist-made vegan + clean makeup brand in Australia + one of the first clean beauty brands globally. we are a truly passionate team driven by our desire to make beauty better. with 20+ years of pro artist, design and cosmetics executive experience, our founder, Jill Chambers is dedicated to bringing you the best vegan, clean make-up products in the industry.