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art series

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High powered pigments include magnesium and kaolin clay for long lasting and nutrient rich colour.

Use them as eye shadows by pressing into a powdered, set eyelid or mix with our pure skin primers for glowing skin highlights and sheen.


art series
art series
art series
art series
art series
art series
art series
art series
art series

art series

high pigment dusts


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  • 100% vegan, clean & cruelty free
  • High powered pigments
  • Comes in six shades

High powered pigments rich in Magnesium + Kaolin Clay to stay put without creasing.


Use as high voltage eye shadows by pressing into a powdered + set eyelid, or mix with pure skin primers for glowing highlights on your cheekbones, cupids bow and eyelids.

100% vegan, clean + cruelty free. made in Australia + fresh from our TMF lab.

Art series are best applied by pressing into the middle of your eyelid with a flat shadow brush or your ring finger. Blend the edges with a soft blender shadow brush.

For skin highlights, mix a small amount of ‘baby’ for olive skins or ‘edie’ for fair skins, with Pure Skin Base or Glow primer + apply on your cheekbones and highpoints of the face including the brow bone.

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