the driving design inspirations behind the brand.

we believe in practical, effortless beauty products in vibrant packaging with pop culture references.

the process of developing every product is a lengthy but fun one!

first Jill takes inspiration from art, fashion or popular culture (past personalities usually) - an image, a painting, a cult figure.

particular fascination is with the late 60's - late 70's era. you'll notice nods to certain iconic figures throughout the brand, all of our visuals + how we edit them. 

Jill was a fine arts + fashion grad at University before her career in beauty, so art has always been one of the most constant + stable references in her life and the life of the brand.

when it comes to developing a new shade or product - it's always driven by our customer's wants + needs first. every new product or shade takes on average 12 weeks to reach the production stage. after production in our lab is complete which takes around 4 weeks.....our products are then packaged in the warehouses ready to sell. 

every detail from the design of the exterior packaging to the ingredient listings are meticulously pored over until they're absolutely perfect. 

the process is a very involved, but rewarding one when we see the finished product in our customers hands.

thankyou for choosing to support a clean + conscious brand.

we wouldn't be here without you!