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a little more background on us! in case you're curious. :)

TMF. was launched as a clean beauty, socially conscious brand in June 2015 by Australian makeup artist Jill Chambers. the brand was another 2 years in development before this + years of deep thought about how the industry would respond + would customers actually care?! luckily customers really do care. we've seen a huge shift + response to green beauty over the past 5 years alone + now more than ever people are reading labels + making sure the products they're purchasing are not only green, but also socially responsible.

Jill spent 15 years previous to the launch of the brand working for global beauty brands in Sydney, Melbourne + Perth, Australia as an artist + beauty executive. she was very fortunate to work with and learn from mega artists of the time - Rae Morris, Rebecca Morrice-Williams, Mathew Nigara + many more. she was selected at every beauty company she worked for as one of their lead artists + even made up supermodel Miranda Kerr numerous times.

TMF was initially a self funded passion project to attempt to make the beauty industry a more healthy, inclusive environment + provide customers with an easy, clean, alternative. healthy beauty not only for your skin by producing only clean formulations, but also by promoting a healthy message of self love + kindness to others above all else.

as a brand we have 3 core values we strictly adhere to:

TRUE - in our ingredients and formulations. every product designed + developed is not only vegan.....but always 100% clean. we stay true in our commitment to clean formulations + in our commitment to kindness to people, animals + the environment.

MAKEUP - we produce only high pigment, effective, easy to use makeup which is also so good for your skin. we are pro industry artists first + every product is meticulously 'road tested' for many months before it launches.

FREEDOM - we believe in freedom + social justice above all else. we are a kind + inclusive brand - we always have been + always will be. our talented team are truly global + based in Australia, the USA, Bali + most recently, the UK. we believe we are a global movement brand - not one country specific. all of our products + packaging are 100% made in Australia because Australian pure botanical ingredients are amongst the cleanest on the planet.

our focus since day one, has been to help people through beauty. our product range is designed around simple, easy, effortless products you use everyday. uncomplicated. easy to apply.

We are TMF. join our movement.

artist made. artist driven.

botanical based, Australian made, clean beauty always!