You know how much we LOVE a fresh makeup look here at TMF and this month has been no exception. The runways of Australian Fashion week have served up some seriously edible inspiration for THE trend of the moment – Bright Eyes! If you haven’t seen our 'Look of the month' here on the website, head to our home page to see how three of of our favourite products were used in the model’s looks for the Karla Spetic show. A bright, contrasting eye is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your look this season and the best thing about it is that it can suit every eye colour and skin tone (no, really)!

There’s just one key thing to remember, repeat after us: Colour Theory

What (on earth) is Colour Theory?! 

As an artist-driven brand, you KNOW we have jumped on this trend in a big way and use this industry renowned theory as the basis for achieving all our looks. After all, makeup is meant to be as expressive and unique as you are! To a certain extent you can forget all your tools, price points and techniques if you’re selecting the wrong colour for your skin tone, eye, and hair colour - nothing will pop in quite the same way. Knowing which colours complement each other, and (most importantly!) which clash, is a super simple but effective way to enhance your natural glow-up and make a serious difference to your overall look!

Colour theory often describes colours in terms of temperature with blue and green being ‘cool’ and red and purple being ‘warm’ with orange and yellow falling somewhere in the middle. Establishing whether you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones within your skin can help to determine what colours of makeup you use…

Sounds confusing right? Wrong! What do you need to master this technique? A colour wheel! 

How to achieve your standout ‘Bright Eyes’ look using Colour Theory. 


Achieving the perfect base is all about the prep work, and of course using the right tools! Apply the TMF Vegan Skin Perfector in light layers to build up to the desired level of coverage. The light to medium serum formula is packed with efficacious botanical ingredients including the Kakadu Plum which contains the highest natural concentration of skin brightening Vitamin C in the world! Expertly split between fair, warm, olive, and deep undertones it’s never been easier to select the colour that’s perfect for enhancing what your mumma gave you. Think that dewy, hydrated, lit-from-within skin look.  


It’s no secret that this look is focused on making the most of the eyes and this is where using colour theory really comes into its own.

Remember that colour wheel we showed you earlier?! To make sure you select the perfect shade to achieve your bright eye look, use it to pick a colour that’s complementary to your eye colour. How? On the colour wheel, a colour’s complementary colour is found directly opposite so for example, if you have blue eyes the opposite colour in the wheel is yellow / orange. What does that look like in practice? Think all the golden bronzes, mustards, and warm toned browns – those should be your colour of choice to really accentuate your natural colour.

Once you’ve got your complementary colour down reach for the TMF Art Series High Pigment Dusts in your own eye-popping shade and apply all over the lid. If you’re finding the wheel confusing to navigate, we’ve got your back: 


Try shades ‘Frankie’, ‘Ultra’ or ‘Edie’.


Try shades ‘Baby’, ‘Velvet’ or ‘Ultra’.


Try shades ‘Frankie’, ‘Baby’ or ‘Edie’.


Try shades ‘Viva’, ‘Frankie, or ‘Baby’.

Pro tip:

Press the pigment onto the lid rather than dusting to achieve a high impact, mega-watt look and softly blend the edges for a modern, lived in feel. 


Top off your look with a slick of ultra-moisturising TMF Vegan Lips. An expert blend of Jojoba, Avocado and Rose oils along with Candelilla Wax and Cocoa Butter provide long lasting hydration for maximum pigment without dryness. Once again look to your skin tone for clues as to the best shade to go for. Cool skin tones tend to suit cool pinks, while warmer skins suit peach or coral. 

The Bottom Line? 

Just to confuse everything we’ve just said you KNOW that expressive makeup runs within our bones here at TMF. If there’s a colour that you love but doesn’t ‘suit’ your skin or eye colour on paper – use it regardless! Makeup should be fun and authentic to your sense of self – there are no rules here! We are proud to say that each and every ethically sourced shade has been created with diversity in mind.

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