whether you are looking to achieve that glam going-out look or an everyday no-makeup makeup look, you may be missing out if you are skipping out on a primer. do you think of primer as a waste of time or a godsend? perhaps you’re still undecided.

here is our professional advice on the in’s and out’s of primer.

learn about what a primer is, if you really need one, how to pick a primer best for your skin type, how to apply it like a pro, and what you should never do.


what is a primer and what should it do?

when painting the Mona Lisa, did Da Vinci use a primer first for his canvas? you can bet your bottom dollar he did! primer is best likened to what fingers are to your hand-. versatile, effective, complimentary, and quite necessary to function.


what is the best way to apply a primer?

to truly create a masterpiece, you must first prepare and protect the integrity of your skin. be sure to treat your skin with care. after cleansing and moisturizing with your favorite green beauty skincare, follow up with a lightweight water-based priming gel. dispense a dime-size amount of TMF primer onto your fingertips and dot onto the T-zone of the face. massage into skin as you would a moisturizer.


which primer should I use for my skin type?

how does your skin feel in the middle of the day? do you tend to feel more oily or tight and dry? reach for the light aloe-based formula for oily skin to keep skin mattified and makeup in place. 

if you need more moisture throughout the day, give your skin a drink of water to start and protect it against the temperatures of the day.

what are the top primer mistakes to avoid?

  • using TOO much

    a little goes a long way. if you prefer a liquid foundation, you can even consider mixing a small amount of the primer in with the foundation. this will ensure you are not using more product than you need. layering too much can make you feel heavy.

  • using the wrong primer for you
    consider how your skin feels separate than how you want your makeup to look. if you prefer a matte finish, go for the oily skin primer. if you have issues with dryness, use the glow primer that is nourishing for the best skin balance. then, you can pair that with the foundation that gives you the finish you want, like the powder for flawless mattification.

  • not changing your primer when your skin is changing just like how you take out your sweaters when the leaves start to change, you will want to re evaluate your skincare routine and the primer you use if your skin starts to differ. more oily in the summer and drier in the winter? no problem. just grab the primer that best suits your skin this season. It will balance you and keep you glowing in the right ways.


do I really need to use a primer before foundation?

you can always do what feels best for your routine. but to keep your makeup look fresh for longer, a primer is our secret tip. they work and they have benefits! follow our tips to choose the best one for your routine. better yet, apply this primer by itself to look fresh faced, nourished, and put together. who says you need foundation at all?