Refreshing your skin in the morning should be a time to center yourself and express gratitude for how much love, beauty, and potential lies within you… (yes, positive affirmations, please!)

But what should you do if after your deep breathing sesh, you realize that one of these problems is throwing your glow game off?

We can guarantee, you have everything in your arsenal already​ to fix these 5 common makeup foundation mistakes. 

TMF Flawless Foundation

5 Most Common Mistakes

1. Using too much foundation. Less is more here people. Dispensing too much liquid foundation will be the quickest way to a sticky, cakey mess. This is a blending nightmare. Typically, a dime size amount of liquid foundation is the best measurement to start. What happens if in the heat of the moment you let it get away from you? Put down the brush, blending sponge, or fingers that you were using to apply and reach for something fresh. A clean brush, a different side of the sponge, or even freshly washed hand applied in an up and down motion with gentle pressure will absorb excess liquid foundation. Work in small areas and clean off your tool in between blending if necessary.

Too much powder? Avoid looking “baked” by picking up a clean powder brush to begin. After picking up powder foundation, always tap the handle of the brush before pressing onto the skin. More powder on your brush will give more coverage to an area. To remove excess powder from your face, use the powder brush in a sweeping motion instead. Blending from the inner portion of the face to the outer portion makes sure you don’t have any embarassing lines from your jawline to your neck.

2. Dry patches on the skin. Winter air or summertime heat can dry your skin out in a blink. Foundation just clings to those irritating dry patches like no other. The first step in making foundation application perfecto (chef’s kiss here*) is always skin prep. Clean skin moisturized with a water-based serum and 2-3 drops of an organic skin oil on top delivers you that deep down hydration. If you have a dry patch that is still messing up your look, take a drop of your favourite skin oil/moisturizer with a drop of your foundation mixed together and bounce your sponge, brush, or fingertip onto the area. This hydration boost will give your skin a little extra moisture and that little something it needs to actually blend in your foundation.

3. Covering blemishes on the skin. You want to begin where the help is needed the most. Evening out the skin tone is the job for your foundation. Achieve the most natural look by applying a light layer of foundation to the center of the face and blending outwards. This part should be a sheer consistency and look like skin. Foundations job is not to conceal. Save this task for your concealer. For little upset bumps, go back in with your concealer and a small tipped brush to dab on and around a more concentrated formula to cover and blend with foundation. A healing formula like the TMF Dream Conceal will do the trick while calming down any irritation in that part of the skin.

4. Not putting color back in the face to highlight your features. Evening out the skintone and bringing out your natural glow gives the perfect opportunity for your facial features to shine. Healthy skin for sure is the secret for that lit from within glow. But if we opt for more of a medium to full coverage foundation, we take away from that natural flush in the skin that gives us our dimension. Blush is your friend. It’s a universal facial product that should be a staple in your makeup bag. A properly applied wash of color on the check instantly brightens and imparts vibrancy. With a creamy texture, like the TMF Vegan Lips, you can multipurpose your lipstick as a blush and a wash of color on the eyelids. With a powder formula, you can build this tone like an eyeshadow. Find your perfect shade by selecting a pink, coral, or berry tone and opting for a cool or warm shade in that family based on your undertones.

5. Using the wrong formula​ for your skin. Falling out of love with your foundation may be a sign you need to switch things up. If you are feeling more oily or more dry these days, a different foundation cocktail may be just what you need. In the summer, often we like to switch to a powder for those long hot days and change over to a liquid foundation in the winter. But this is really a choice of preference for what works best for your skin in general. Of course, if you are feeling more dry, a nice smooth texture with yummy plant extracts to provide hydration and protection throughout the day like the TMF Vegan Skin Perfector Light to Medium Coverage Serum would be the one for you. And if you naturally sustain a good oil barrier, a lighter weight powder for coverage like the TMF Flawless Mineral Pressed Foundation will do just fine to absorb excess oils while still staying in place as the day goes on.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and makeup mishaps will be a thing of the past. Read our blog about 4 Steps to a Flawless Foundation next. Always get the newest information here- subscribe to get alerts when we post a new blog​.